Mold Cleanup Guide – When You Are Finished

Finding mold damage in your home can be alarming, and unless proper mold removal is completed, your health and home value could be at risk.

The first priority is making sure mold never even occurs. Having Dry Patrol, OH handle any water emergency is a surefire way to ensure your home is thoroughly and properly dried, minimizing the potential for future fungal growth.

If mold is growing in your house, contact Dry Patrol to begin the only in-depth mold remediation process you can trust to get the job done right.

In order to assure that the mold problem is taken care, several conditions must be met:

  • You should have completely fixed the problem which allowed water to seep into your home in the first place.
  • You should complete mold removal, and use professional judgement to determine if the cleanup is sufficient. Visible mold, mold-damaged items, and moldy odors shouldn’t be present in the home.
  • If you have had the mold sampled, the kinds and concentrations of mold and mold spores in the building should be similar to those found outside, once cleanup has completed.
  • You should revisit the site shortly after remediation, and it shouldn’t show any signs of damage or mold growth.
  • People should be able to occupy or re-occupy the space without physical symptoms or health complaints.
  • Ultimately, this a judgement call, because there isn’t an easy answer.

By trusting Dry Patrol to undertake this task, you are trusting the certified professionals who are most knowledgeable about these types of issues. Call us today!

For more about how we can help you, read more at Dry Patrol: 330-733-2010

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