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Mold Cleanup Guide – When You Are Finished

Finding mold damage in your home can be alarming, and unless proper mold removal is completed, your health and home value could be at risk. The first priority is making sure mold never even occurs. Having Dry Patrol, OH handle any water emergency is a surefire way to ensure your home is thoroughly and properly dried, minimizing the…

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Spring in the City Springs Leaks In Basements

March is here, and ice is beginning to thaw. It’s a welcome change to see the world without a layer of ice, but all the melting water has to go somewhere. Experience tells us that, unfortunately, far too many residents will find water in their basements over the coming weeks. Seasonal melts are one of the…

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Meet Our Partner in Damage Repair – The Industrial Hygienist

At Dry Patrol, our goal is not merely to provide homeowners with swift, water and mold remediation services. Those are merely our methods. Our objective is to return homes to livable conditions and upended lives to normal. Mold can destroy whatever it grows on if left untreated, this includes housing structures. Mold also can cause very serious health…

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The Holiday Traveler’s Tip Sheet for Protecting the Home

We all love the friends, family, and food that fills the holiday season. The holidays are a time for making memories, sharing, and giving thanks; however, for many of us, traveling away from the home for extended gatherings is a necessity. Sadly, it is during the winter months (at the heart of holiday season) that…

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