Carpet Drying & Cleaning

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Whether it’s everyday wear and tear that has your carpet dirty, or its been significantly damaged by a disaster, Dry Patrol Akron has the tools to make it good as new! Nearly every emergency service we offer also includes carpet drying and cleaning, so we’ve mastered the techniques needed to remove even the toughest stains out of carpets. From water extraction, deep cleaning, dry cleaning and everything in between, Dry Patrol has the skill, expertise and high tech equipment needed to tackle any carpet catastrophe.

Dry Patrol’s 5-step cleaning process

  1. Pre-treat the carpet with an encapsulating cleaner.
  2. Rake it to loosen soil and dirt.
  3. Deep clean with a hot steam extractor and rinsing agents.
  4. Use a rake again to fluff any carpet that was pushed down by the cleaner.
  5. At your request, Dry Patrol can apply a coat of Scotchguard or a similar treatment to protect the floor from future damage.

If your floors are soaked or soiled, get in touch with Dry Patrol for a free carpet drying or cleaning estimate.

Day Or Night Emergency Cleanup